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Zia Album Cover

Track List

1. So Much In Love
2. Ako Nalang
3. Dear Lonely
4. Mambobola
5. Simple Girl
6. Smile

Her breezily uplifting blend of pop, soul, jazz and retro R&B is here to sway you away as Polyeast Records proudly announces the release of Zia Quizon self-titled mini-CD album.

Showcasing her talent as one of OPM’s young singer/songwriter could probably go beyond being a daughter of the Comedy King Dolphy and OPM’s Divine Diva ZsaZsa Padilla because Zia is here to prove that she’s is a breath of fresh air in her debut album.

Featuring her positioning single “Simple Girl” is notably one of her masterpieces since she started learning her craft. Zia said “I draw inspiration from everyday experiences or a particularly strong feeling that I have at the moment. I believe that songs become more meaningful when you’re feeling emotional and in a way come from a very real place. And when you finally finish a song, the most fulfilling feeling about the whole process when you take a step back and think, ‘That pretty much sums up how I felt at the time.’” She wrote the song “Simple Girl” and obviously mirrors a young simple girl she really is.