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“A Little Bit of Lovin” is Zia’s follow-up to her self-titled debut in 2011 with the chart-topping and award-winning songs “Ako Na Lang”, “Dear Lonely” and “Simple Girl”. The new CD will be available in stores this July with eight original cuts including Zia’s compositions and two classic revivals.

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By Eric S. Caruncho
Philippine Daily Inquirer
12:33 am | Sunday, July 7th, 2013

Her mother might have held her hand through her first baby steps as a fledgling singer and performer, but come September 26 when she holds her first solo concert, Zia Quizon will be taking the stage of the Music Museum and facing the glare of the spotlight on her own.

It will be the culmination of a young woman’s journey to selfhood, one that the public has been privileged to share, thanks to the celebrity of Zia’s parents, pop diva Zsa Zsa Padilla and the late King of Philippine Comedy, Dolphy.


At the age of 21, the theoretical threshold of adulthood, and with her father’s first death anniversary on the 10th of this month serving as another symbolic marker, Zia is declaring her own independence.

She is in the process of moving out of her parents’ home into her own condominium, a D.I.Y. project that she is enjoying to the hilt.